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San Antonio HCG Injections

Have you been struggling with your weight loss goals for years? Many men and women in San Antonio are considered to be overweight or obese. At first glance, this is largely an aesthetic or cosmetic issue. After all, you may feel embarrassed about having a large amount of jiggly or rippling fat tissue on your body, and you may feel unhappy about the way that your clothes fit. These factors can lead to a lack of self-confidence that has carryover effects on your professional and personal lives. It is easy to overlook the serious health consequences associated with having a large amount of extra body fat.

There are three main types of fat on the human body, and the unhealthy type that is causing you concern today is known as abnormal adipose fat. This is the type of tissue that is commonly linked to heart disease, specific cancer types, diabetes and many other health conditions. Many of these are serious health conditions that can potentially shorten your life by years or decades.

Unfortunately, many diet plans that you may have tried in the past have not produced the exceptional results that you would like to see. A typical diet requires you to get a moderate amount of exercise and to follow a low-calorie meal plan. However, when you reduce your calorie intake severely, your body enters starvation mode. When it thinks that starvation is occurring, it will cling to abnormal adipose fat tissue. To obtain extra energy to compensate for a calorie insufficiency, it will deteriorate healthy muscle mass and conserve fat cells. You can see that you can produce weight loss, but it will not be healthy weight loss. In addition, a reduction in healthy muscle mass lowers your metabolic rate, and this can make it more challenging to keep the weight off going forward.

While this may be your typical experience with a standard low-calorie diet, the good news is that research conducted by Dr. A. T. W. Simeons numerous decades ago has led to the development of the HCG diet. This innovative, safe and effective weight loss method is based on how the hormone HCG works in your body. The research efforts of Dr. Simeons originally focused on the impact of HCG hormone on an expecting woman. This is because an expecting woman will produce HCG in large quantities throughout pregnancy. When you learn how the body responds to HCG hormone in pregnant women as well as in both men and non-expecting women, you may decide to visit a San Antonio HCG diet clinic soon to get more information and to begin an effective weight loss journey.

What This Hormone Does

In an expecting woman, HCG is the beneficial hormone that effectively converts adipose or abnormal fat tissue into energy and nutrients that the growing baby can use. The fetus obtains some of its energy and nutrients from the mother’s daily intake. However, the fetus needs around-the-clock nutrients, and the mother does not eat non-stop. The presence of HCG hormone is essential for a healthy pregnancy.

When HCG hormone injections are administered to other adults, such as men as well as women who are not pregnant, weight loss can occur. The injections are available through a San Antonio HCG clinic under medical supervision. When you receive a reasonable dose of HCG hormone, your body responds by mobilizing any stores of adipose or abnormal fat and converting this tissue into energy.

It is important to understand that the human body has two beneficial types of fat tissue as well as the unhealthy adipose tissue. When you try to reduce weight and trim fat through a typical low-calorie diet, your body is not instructed to target the abnormal fat tissue that you are most concerned about. The HCG must be present in order for the unhealthy fat to be targeted.

How It Helps You to Lose Unwanted Fatty Tissue and Extra Pounds

You may be inclined to think that simply reducing your calorie intake with a typical diet plan will help you to reduce your fat stores effectively. However, without HCG in the body, a reduction in your calorie intake can yield unhealthy and even potentially dangerous results. The HCG must be present in order for the unhealthy fat cells to be targeted when you follow a reduced calorie diet. In addition, you must lower your calorie intake substantially through an effective diet plan in order for the newly-mobilized fat stores to be used by the body as a source of energy.

Consuming a very low-calorie diet can be unhealthy. Because of this, it is essential that you only pursue an HCG diet under the guidance and support of a trained medical team. Through a San Antonio HCG clinic, you will receive regular supervision through periodic appointments. Individuals who are otherwise in great health will only need to attend a few appointments, and those with one or more underlying conditions may need to attend a few extra appointments.

Extra fat is a cosmetic issue that can also affect your emotional health, and it has additional physical health ramifications. You simply must find an effective way to reduce your level of abnormal adipose fat tissue, and the HCG plan available through a San Antonio clinic is the ideal solution for many people. When you schedule a consultation, you can get more information to determine if this is the right strategy for you to use.